Lights Camera Prom Capturing Prom Night Essentials What To Bring In Your Limousine
Lights Camera Prom Capturing Prom Night Essentials What To Bring In Your Limousine

Lights, Camera, Prom: Capturing Prom Night Essentials: What to Bring in Your Limousine

Prom ‌night is⁢ a special event that deserves to be remembered for ‌a lifetime. Bergen Prom Limo service can help make​ prom night extra memorable with a comfortable and‌ luxurious limousine ride to and from the event. To make sure you have everything you need for​ the⁣ night, ⁤here are some tips ⁢on ‌what to⁤ bring in the ‌limo so ‌that you and your friends can have a perfect night.

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1. Preparing For the Night⁤ of ⁤Your ⁣Life

Long ‌Lasting Memories

Before making your arrival at prom night,​ make sure to prepare for⁣ the night of your life with ‌Bergen Prom Limo Service who will help‍ you capture those beautiful memories.

Bergen Prom⁣ Limo Service provides the utmost comfort, luxury and security as‌ you create long-lasting ‍memories with your best friends! Whether you’re looking to capture the pre-prom photos, or in need of a car for the ⁤entire day, ‌your reliable and courteous driver will be ‌available ‌to ensure you⁤ have a safe and comfortable ride throughout the prom night.

What To Bring

To fully complete⁣ your glamorous look ‌and ‍have the night of​ your life, it is important to⁣ keep certain items in your limo while leaving your house for prom.⁤

  • Drinks and Snacks ‍– Take along‌ some beverages and snacks in the limo to keep the party started while ‌going back and forth to the venues.
  • Camera‍ or ‌Phone – Don’t forget to bring a camera or phone, to capture those special ⁢moments and keepsake⁣ memories.
  • Gifts and Giveaways – Make sure ‌to bring cards or small gifts for your friends if you plan on⁣ exchanging those in the limo.
  • Change ​of Clothing – Be prepared with a ⁤change of clothing in case of any emergency.
  • Chargers – Cell⁢ phones need⁤ to be charged in case of emergency, so keep⁣ a​ charger ​handy.

Bergen⁢ Prom Limo Service also offers personal packages tailored to your needs to make sure your prom night ​is perfect!⁢ Make⁢ your reservations ⁤today‍ as availability is limited!

2. ​Top Tips for Capturing Every Moment

Utilize the Insides of the Limo

When you pick a prom limo with Bergen Prom limo service, you‍ get the most out of the experience – you get⁢ the full prom night experience in one night. ‍Get more out of the night with the limo’s luxury interior! Bring a Bluetooth portable speaker⁤ along to​ keep the ⁢music going. Or, if taking selfies is more your style –​ turn up⁣ the glamour by bringing along a ‍selfie stick. That⁣ way when you make it to the prom‌ venue, you’ll be able to look back at​ all the fun⁣ that you had with​ your friends ‌in the limo!

Set the Perfect Photo Ambience with Lights

Just like‌ a movie set, ⁢you can completely ⁣customize⁤ how you want⁣ your limo look ⁣like inside. Add⁤ streamers, decorations, and various lighting ⁢to give the perfect backdrop for your photos. Not only will the prom​ night experience become that much more enjoyable, ⁢but you can also take it one step further ⁣by setting up a mini photobooth with props to capture the night’s ⁤highlights. Have your friends join in on the fun and leave a few mementos as keepsakes.

Bring a ⁤Camera

Having ​a digital camera handy can be ⁣a great way ‍to ‌keep​ the‌ memories ​fresh, all year round. You can snap away while in⁣ the limo and take advantage of the great backgrounds that ‍you can incorporate in your prom pictures. Invest in a camera with a wide-angle lens so ⁢you can make the most of the space. Spend⁢ some‍ time ⁣familiarizing yourself with the camera and the lens​ so you can use it to take great photos for the night.

3. What ‍Should You Bring in the Limo


  • If you’re getting to your prom night destination with Bergen Prom limo service, you want to make sure you’re prepared with the essentials. As⁢ you prepare to get the perfect photos and ⁣make ​the most⁣ of your night, ⁢here are some ⁤items to⁢ bring with you in the limo.
  • Camera: Of course, you should⁤ bring‍ a camera with you ‍in the‌ limo. Whether‌ you opt for a professional-quality camera to capture ⁣beautiful shots or your smartphone to capture ​more casual photos, having something to take photos with is essential to make the most of your prom night.
  • Music: While there will likely be⁤ music playing during your prom⁤ limo ride, you may have some specific songs that you want to make sure are⁣ played. Research in advance and make a playlist of your ⁢favorites that⁤ everyone in ‍the ⁤limo can ​enjoy.
  • Snacks: Selecting a ⁤few favorite snacks like chips, pretzels., granola bars or even ⁢trail mix is a ⁣good⁢ idea⁢ to ⁤bring for ⁢you ‍and your friends to snack on as you make your way ⁢to your destination.
  • Beverages: Non-alcoholic beverages ‍such as soda, sparkling⁢ water, and juice⁢ are great to bring in the limo to enjoy ⁣while you take photos⁤ and ⁣make toasts.
  • Emergency Kit: It’s always a good idea to⁢ be prepared ​for any unexpected event that could happen during⁤ prom night. Pack a small emergency kit with items such as band-aids, tissues,⁣ a spare phone charger, napkins, and other necessities.
  • Essential Accessories: Lastly, ​don’t forget to bring the necessary ‍accessories​ like your purse, ⁢phone, wallet, breath mints, your prom‌ date’s corsage, perfume, sunglasses, jewelry, ⁤and anything else that you may need for your special night.

Making ‍a list ahead of time⁣ and packing these items is a great way to ⁢stay‌ organized and‌ make ​sure you have everything‍ you need ‍when you’re in the‍ limo. Bergen Prom limo service wishes‍ you⁤ a beautiful and memorable prom night!

4. Crucial ⁣Memories: Capturing Lasting Moments

1. Camera

A camera or ⁢smartphone is essential when it comes ⁢to capturing memories. Make sure‌ you stock up‌ on batteries or extra ⁢memory cards to be prepared for the entire night. Nothing will make the memories​ of prom night stand ⁤out more than having a camera handy, and you⁤ won’t regret having the opportunity to take those extra special pictures!

2. Music

Music is a great way to liven up the limo ride and to⁣ get the party started. Make sure ⁢you bring a few of your favorite tracks on a portable device or ‍try looking up songs ⁣when you get ⁢in ‍the limo. Who knows, your driver may even‌ know⁣ a few great hits from your school!

3.⁢ Extra Supplies

Aside from camera and ​music, ‌bringing extra ⁢supplies like snacks and drinks can really‍ add to the prom night experience. With Bergen Prom Limo ​Service you can ⁤get drinks at an additional cost so make sure to ask about it⁢ when you book your limo. And don’t forget to get some ‌extra snacks,​ mints, and tissues ⁢in case‌ of⁣ any emergencies.

Closing Remarks

If you’re planning on‍ renting a limo ​for‍ prom, make sure you’re⁤ prepared with all the essentials! Here’s a list of what to​ bring to ⁢make‌ sure your ‌night‍ is​ captured perfectly:

-Your camera, of course!
-An extra‍ memory card and/or batteries,⁤ just in case.
-A‌ tripod, if ⁣you want to get really creative with your shots.
-A⁣ flash, if you’re planning on doing any​ night photography.
-Reflectors, to help bounce‌ light into your shots.
-And finally, a friend or family member to help you with ⁣all your gear!

With ​all of these in tow, you’re ​sure to get some amazing photos ‌of your prom night!

Posted: 10/28/2023


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